1 June 2022; 11:00 AM- 12:30 PM

Venue: Tonino Lamborghini International Convention Center Sharm El Sheikh (Sinai Hall)


When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, it forced sudden societal changes around the globe. Governments issued lockdown orders that restricted movement and in-person operations and thereby forced the heavy use of remote work and e-learning. The pandemic also created significant challenges for organizations in all sectors, worldwide. It has become evident that in this new era, technology is not a choice, but a fundamental and essential component of all industries. Recent developments in financial innovation and the subsequent improvements in financial inclusion have become of interest for researchers, development practitioners, and policy makers alike. Since 2017, the Egyptian government has taken major steps towards digital transformation in order to move towards a digital cashless economy, realizing that this presents unprecedented opportunities. Not only is Egypt aiming to overcome the challenges caused by the pandemic, but also to accelerate the pace of digitization across all industries, leveraging the great potential of the financial technology (FinTech) industry.


  1. What are the targets of the second phase of the structural reforms program pertaining to the focus sectors of manufacturing, agriculture, & ICT?
  2. What are the targets of the second phase of the structural reforms program pertaining to the focus sectors of manufacturing, agriculture, & ICT?
  3. What are the expected challenges to a successful digital transformation of the whole economy?
  4. What should be the roles of different actors (public & private) in the process of digital transformation?
  5. What should be the roles of different actors (public & private) in the process of digital transformation?
  6. What are the different tools for financial inclusion and how does it help in achieving sustainable and inclusive growth? (The impact of microfinance, savings, payment facilities, and impact on SMEs & women empowerment)
  7. What are some of the success stories pertaining to FinTech, Digital Transformation, and Financial Inclusion in ISDB MCs?
  • Speakers:
    • Rasha Negm

      Is the assistant sub governor of CBE – Fintech and innovation Egypt. Rasha has worked as a Product Management Strategy head for Vodafone Cash in Vodafone Egypt, from 2014 to 2017. Previously, she worked as DGM in Product Development and Liabilities and wealth Management in Bank of Alexandria, Intesa San Paolo Group. Before this, Rasha served as the Director in Product Development in the National Bank of Egypt.

    • Ibrahim Sahran

      Is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of e-Finance Investment Group, Egypt’s first Fintech platform and the leading developer of digital payment infrastructures, known as the driving force behind the nation’s growing digital economy. Sarhan joined several Community Service and Board memberships such as at the American Chamber of Commerce, the Software Industry Chamber and the Federation of Egyptian Industries.

    • Nurkhat Kushimov

      Is the CEO of the Astana Financial Services Authority, he has extensive experience in senior positions in the area of financial market regulation. Prior to this appointment, he served as Executive Body member in charge of Fintech regulation and company registration at the AFSA. He started his career at the AIFC in 2018 at the Astana International Exchange, where he oversaw matters relating to the regulation of issuers and IPOs of Kazakhstan’s and international companies.

    • Islam Darwish

      Is the Founding General Partner at Nclude Fintech Fund, a Fintech-focused VC investment platform that aims at driving financial inclusion in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region through Fintech and Fintech-enabled innovation. Eslam is also the CEO and Founder of Just Innovate.

    • Saeed Talaat

      Is the co-founder and Managing director of Klickit since 2017, he is the CEO for Klickit. Saeed has experienced different growth stages of his family business “Tissolli for Cookware” leading its commercial and specifically its e-commerce arm both in Egypt and in South Africa. In addition to regional exposure to financial services sector, he is part of Emirates NBD UAE Future Intelligence Program in the digital banking team.

    • Malak Hesham ElBaba

      Is the Country Manager for Visa Egypt since May 2020. Following leading Visa in Egypt, El Baba has grown Visa’s market share and introduced new payment flows in Egypt by focusing on new business lines and untapped business segments. She has presented market development projects enabling the market with new technologies and preparing it for the emerging ecosystem of new players and market entrants.

    • Sherif Samy

      Is a financial markets advisor, the Chairman of CIB Egypt, the National Asset Management & Investment SAE and the Egyptian FinTech Association. He is the former Chairman of the Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority. He was previously a board member of the Central Bank of Egypt, Banque Du Caire, the National Payments Council, the General Investment & Free Zones Authority, Orange, Egypt Ventures and the Egyptian Mortgage Refinance Company.

    • Ehab Abu Bakr

      Is Egypt Post Vice Chairperson for digital transformation.  He brings with him 30 years’ experience in the information technology (IT) field, during which he has held many positions, contributing his scientific and practical experience in developing the IT sector. He has managed large and complex projects related to IT and digital transformation at many different international companies and institutions.