AHTF Unveils 1st Comprehensive Report on Afghanistan Humanitarian Trust Fund

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 27 April 2024 – The Islamic Development Bank, (IsDB), the premier multilateral development bank of the Global South, has released the first comprehensive report on the achievements of the Afghanistan Humanitarian Trust Fund (AHTF) up to end 2023.

The report highlights the coordinated efforts by the IsDB, partners, and stakeholders towards  “Promoting Self Reliance and Resilience” in Afghanistan.

The AHTF’s mission is to provide initial humanitarian aid but then to prioritize development and self-reliance to move beyond emergency assistance - promoting reconstruction, empowerment and sustainable development.

IsDB President and Group Chairman, H.E.  Dr. Muhammad Al Jasser has expressed his pleasure over the debut of this first comprehensive report stating: “Thanks to the generous contributions received so far, the AHTF has sprung into action, delivering essential aid to Afghanistan’s most vulnerable communities.

“From tackling food insecurity and offering child nutrition programs to providing healthcare, innovative education, clean water, sanitation and hygiene services – our projects are making a tangible difference on the ground,” the IsDB President stated.

Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), H.E. Hissein Brahim Taha, added “We are very pleased to see several humanitarian and development-focused projects are underway in Afghanistan – driven by the IsDB in collaboration with its regional and global partners.

“But much work still lies ahead, so we look forward to further help and support from our Member States, in addition to continued financial assistance for the AHTF from international aid and relief agencies.”

Further, Eng. Mohammad Jamal Alsaati, Special Advisor to IsDB President and IsDB Coordinator for AHTF, indicated that 14 projects, signed in 2023, have been materialized at a total cost of US$ 35.35 million, of which US$ 24.14 are contributions from AHTF with a further $ 12.21 million provided by implementing partners and other international organizations. Thanks to the generous contributions to AHTF from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (through King Salaman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center and Saudi Fund for Development) and the Kuwait Society for Relief.

“These projects, covering agriculture, education, food security, health, irrigation, hygiene service and livelihood opportunities, all address the basic needs with jobs creation and capacity building opportunities for the people of Afghanistan,” he said.

As of March 2024, pledges to the Fund totaled almost US$ 35 million, with more funding expected – financing projects to help the most vulnerable and deprived in the country. Currently, there are 16 AHTF projects being implemented. The AHTF is now managed by IsDB’ Partnerships, Global Advocacy and Resource Mobilization Department in coordination with the Ankara Regional Hub.

AHTF is a multi-donor trust fund structured as a contractual arrangement between the Trustee (IsDB) and the Donors. It aims to mobilize financial resources from the international donors wishing to contribute to a pooled funds to provide humanitarian assistance and basic services to the people of Afghanistan. The Fund was establishment at the 17th Extraordinary Meeting of the Council of 57 Foreign Ministers (CFM) of OIC held on 19th December 2021 in Islamabad, Pakistan. The OIC is responsible for resource mobilization and advocacy and IsDB has been appointed to manage and operate the AHTF as a Trustee. OIC and IsDB signed the AHTF charter establishing the Fund on the sidelines of the CFM, held on 21 March 2022 in Islamabad, Pakistan.